What is Ohashiatsu?



Ohashiatsu is a unique method of healing touch. It’s also a method of meditation, a method of self-improvement. It’s taken shiatsu/acupressure to a different level. You haven’t truly enjoyed bodywork until you’ve experienced Ohashiatsu. Initially developed to keep the “giver’s” body healthy, the relaxed state of the giver actually makes it more effective and more comfortable for the receiver.


What are the Benefits?

  • Movement, flexibility and endurance of yoga
  • Strength building and enhanced posture of Pilates
  • Revitalization of your own Ki– life force energy
  • De-stress of your body and mind
  • Revitalization of your spirit
  • Better understanding of yourself, others and nature


Ohashiatsu combines hands-on touch techniques, limb rotation, and stretches, in a seamless flow of movement. It is an energizing dance.


All add up to a more balanced life and better health for you while you learn a healing therapy.



Why Study Ohashiatsu?



For Laypeople: the healing techniques Ohashiatsu can be used immediately on yourself, family and friends. The meditation and exercises in the course work help you become healthier and less stressed. And, because 40% or more of the each class is actual hands-on practice, you get all this great bodywork for yourself, without the expense of spa fees!


For Professionals: the principles behind Ohashiatsu will help you save your body from injury and fatigue. Ohashiatsu goes far beyond body mechanics – it helps you rejuvenate while you are working. And learning how to use strength from “Hara,” rather than your muscles allows you benefit your clients without the “ouch” pain commonly associated with deep work.