Program Hours and Tuition




Ohashiatsu® Course Program
Ohashiatsu® Level I

28-30 hours
Ohashiatsu® Level II plus 1 hour tutorial 28-30 hours
Ohashiatsu® Level III plus 1 hour tutorial
28-30 hours
Course with Ohashi

15-20 hours
Private Sessions
4 Private Sessions 1 hour each; total: 4 hours
Practice class
6 Practice Classes 3 hour each; total: 18 hours




Tuition fees
Ohashiatsu® Level I $425
Early Registration $395
Ohashiatsu® Level II $525 Early Registration $495
Ohashiatsu® Level III $625 Early Registration $595
Course with Ohashi TBA
Evaluation for Graduation
Tutorial fees $75 Ohashiatsu® Level II
Tutorial fees $85 Ohashiatsu® Level III
Private Session $85 For Ohashiatsu Students
Diploma Certificate $50
Verification Letter
For Students, Graduates, COIs and COCs