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Ohashi Method® - Complete Session

This two-disc DVD presents the best techniques that Ohashi teaches at his world renowned school in New York City, the Ohashi Institute. You can learn these highly effective techniques developed by him in over 40 years of practicing and teaching – lessons such as working from your center of gravity or Hara, utilizing cross-patterning, using two hands, coordinating the mother hand/messenger hand, and being continuous. The format is clear, with important points and techniques revisited for thorough learning. Menu titles allow you easy access to specific sequences for review. Ohashi’s teaching is dynamic, enriching, and joyful.


Ohashi Method® - Muscle Meridian Sedation, Vol. 1 - 2 - 3
Ohashi Method™ - Muscle Meridian Sedation, Vol. 1

When the condition of a muscle and a meridian is “hyper,” which means there is too much energy, stiffness and pain can occur in that area of the body. Relieving and decreasing this energy is what Ohashi calls “muscle sedation.” When your client has structural problems, such as lower back pain, it is not always easy to assess the source of the problem. In this Ohashi Method™ DVD, Ohashi shows how to diagnose your client’s problem, how to enhance or decrease energy/strength from a muscle group, how to apply the necessary degree of muscle stimulation, and many advanced treatment techniques. Using muscle meridian sedation can help you create a more efficient treatment and shorten the time it takes to alleviate a problem.


Ohashi Method® - A Therapeutic Approach for Yoga
Ohashi Method™ - A Therapeutic Approach for Yoga

Add another dimension to your yoga practice by learning techniques based on the healing art of Ohashi Method™/Ohashiatsu® to blend two respected traditions. Help your students move more easily into asanas. Ohashi’s unique bodywork modality, developed from over 40 years of teaching and practice, emphasizes movement and stretching. Now he is bringing his experience and knowledge to students and teachers of yoga who want to extend and enhance their practice. In Part I, he demonstrates meridian stretches and sedation techniques to loosen the body and prepare for further work. In Part II, Ohashi demonstrates therapeutic techniques to use during traditional yoga poses.


Ohashi Method® - Lower Back Pain
Ohashi Method™ - Lower Back Pain

Working step by step, on people with limited range of motion and back pain, Ohashi demonstrates his treatment techniques on the neck, shoulders and legs to release tension and reduce pain in the lower back. He shows you how to position the person for effective and beneficial stretches. You will learn how to use stretches and range of motion to determine where pain originates. Ohashi also gives tips on how to determine if pain is from physical or emotional causes, and how to assess the effectiveness of treatment. Anatomy diagrams illustrate how treating the upper back and neck corresponds to lower back pain.


Ohashi Method® - Exercises for Lower Back Pain
Ohashi Method™ Exercises for Lower Back Pain

In this one-on-one personal exercise session with Ohashi, you will learn several safe, relaxing exercises and stretches designed specifically to relieve lower back discomfort and improve lower back health. Ohashi demonstrates, in his clear and informative teaching style, how to safely position your body to perform these effective and highly beneficial exercises in the home and office. He shows you how to easily improve movement in daily life activities, how to breathe for more effective exercise, and discusses his fundamental concept of cross-patterning movement.


Ohashi Method® - Transitions
Ohashi Method™ - Transitions

As Ohashi says, “The first, last, and most important foundation for caregivers, healthcare professionals, bodyworkers, and massage therapists is how to take care of their own body.” In Transitions, you will find how to move your clients, patients, and the bedridden safely and comfortably with both minimum effort and maximum benefit. This is of immeasurable value in your everyday practice. Ohashi first demonstrates several transition techniques designed to aid the bodyworker and healthcare therapist. Then, he goes beyond these movements and demonstrates safe transfer techniques to aid home caregivers and other healthcare professionals.


Ohashi Method® - Healing Scarf Therapy
Ohashi Method™ - Healing Scarf Therapy

Ohashi has been developing this unique technique with his students and clients for more than 40 years. He demonstrates how the special scarf can be used on specific meridians for stretching and toning techniques on the various areas of the body, and with a ball or heated stones to stimulate accu-points and meridians. His Healing Scarf Therapy is especially effective for stretching and relaxing your clients, whether you work on the floor or table, adding an important dimension of comfort and benefit. Ohashi shows you these techniques step by step, so learning is easy and pleasurable. Convenient menu titles take you to specific locations for quick review.


Ohashi Method® for Pregnancy
Ohashi Method™ for Pregnancy

Ohashi demonstrates the many ways his unique method of bodywork can benefit a healthy pregnancy and delivery, and help the pregnant woman feel better, gain confidence, and enjoy this special time in her life. From this DVD you will learn his latest techniques to use safely with your clients and/or family members, bringing comfort during the various phases of the pregnancy cycle.


OHASHI TOUCH® Ultimate Relaxation
OHASHI TOUCH® Ultimate Relaxation

Now you can offer your clients, friends, and loved ones nurturing and deeply beneficial relaxation techniques, which will help relieve the harmful and beauty-robbing effects of stress. In this lesson, Ohashi shows you how to:

• Perform touch and movement techniques on subjects who are sitting up and lying down on a bed or massage table.

• Focus your touch on points in the neck, shoulders, head, arms, and feet that promote whole-body relaxation.

• Relieve your subjects' annoying or chronic pains and headaches that hinder deep relaxation.

• Work from your Hara (body) to conserve your energy while enhancing the energy flow from you to your subject.


OHASHI TOUCH® FaceLift & VitalEyes
OHASHI TOUCH® FaceLift & VitalEyes

Make your touch long-lasting and beneficial as you revitalize and rejuvenate your client's skin and eyes. By working on the neck to release tension "down to the toes" you can create a natural and immediate "facelift. Ohashi also shows you how to relieve sinus pressure and TJM conditions. To further enhance appearance, try the eye massage techniques to reduce swelling around the eyes. Ohashi also gives you special body-saving tips to help you last longer in your profession.


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