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Beyond Shiatsu - Ebook

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Here is the first comprehensive e-guide to the unique methods that have made Ohashi Method® famous around the world. Ohashi has moved beyond traditional shiatsu to develop an approach to acupressure that is holistic rather than symptomatic, energizing rather exhausting, spiritual rather than purely physical.

Above all, Ohashi’s techniques are designed to foster a mutual exchange of energy through bodywork that enriches both the giver and the receiver: Open this book and discover for yourself the rejuvenating powers of Ohashi Method.

• 131 color and 150 B&W photos showing whole-body movements, not just pressure points.

• “Don’t” boxes that show undesirable body postures and how to avoid them.

• Step-by-step explanations, including definitions of terms that may be unfamiliar to Westerners.

• Ohashi’s Tips and a chapter devoted to “Designing Your Own Session”.

• Links to 12 Meridian Charts included in the e-book for quick and easy reference

For over 40 years, since founding the Ohashi Institute in 1974, Ohashi has practiced and taught his unique method to thousands of students worldwide. He maintains an active practice that has included Martha Graham, Ralph Lauren, Liza Minnelli, Ani DiFranco, Henry Kissinger, and other notables.



Como leer el cuerpo - Ebook
Como leer el cuerpo

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Podemos aprender a leer el cuerpo como si de un libro se tratara. -Un clásico que Urano recupera en su sello Vintage a petición de los lectores. -La postura, el modo de movernos, la piel… nos dan pistas acerca de nuestros problemas físicos y emocionales.

Todas las personas buscamos respuestas a los interrogantes más importantes de la vida:
¿Quién soy?
¿Cuáles son mis fuerzas?
¿Cuáles son mis debilidades?
¿Cómo debo orientar mi vida?

Me propongo enseñarle a leer su cuerpo como si fuera un libro en el que estuvieran escritas las respuestas a estas preguntas. Y es que nuestra postura, nuestros rasgos y la textura de nuestra piel nos dicen mucho sobre nuestra salud y nuestro carácter. Con diagramas, dibujos y ejemplos de diagnóstico, esta obra no sólo incluye elementos de shiatsu sino que es también una fascinante meditación sobre nuestro modo de vivir.



Beyond Shiatsu
Ohashi's Bodywork Book

Ohashi's Bodywork Method by Wataru Ohashi, Paul Deangelis (Editor), Kan Okano (Photographer)

The Ohashi Bodywork Book is the first to detail the methods of the world famous Ohashi Institute. Ohashiatsu® is a unique acupressure program that facilitates the exchange of energy between giver and receiver — and energizes both. Dramatically clear photographs illustrate entire body movements — not just acupressure points — to show exactly how this unique, rejuvenating interaction occurs. Other photographs show the most common mistakes in body position, postures that exhaust rather than energize. Visually sophisticated and elegantly designed, The Ohashi Bodywork Book will quickly become the bible for everyone seeking serious knowledge of healthy bodywork.


Do-It-Yourself Shiatsu
Do-It-Yourself Shiatsu

How to Perform the Ancient Japanese Art of Acupressure by Wataru Ohashi, Vicki Lindner (Editor) 25th Anniversary edition.

In this book Ohashi, one of the most knowledgeable and well-known U.S.-based bodywork teachers, tells how you can learn to perform shiatsu at home on yourself and your friends. Ohashi, who has taught and practiced in this country for years, has written specifically for a Western audience, focusing on the common discomforts that bother us here in the West. He has provided clear explanations of all technical terms and attractive photographs throughout to illustrate the techniques and the exact locations of the pressure points. He has also included special exercises designed to keep your energy flowing.


Reading the Body
Reading the Body

Ohashi's Book of Oriental Diagnosis by Wataru Ohashi, Tom Monte (Contributor)

The secrets of your life are written on your body. In this book Ohashi helps you to learn these secrets by showing you how to read your body to determine both your physical and spiritual condition as revealed in the physical self. Because, as Ohashi notes, the body is the physical manifestation of the soul, your posture, your features, and the texture of your skin can tell you who you are.


Touch for Love
Shiatsu for your baby

Shiatsu for Your Baby

Ohashi guides you step-by-easy-step through the world of touch, showing you in over 200 photographs how to tone your baby's skin and muscles, stimulate growth, circulation, and mental awareness, and create a bonding time that's full of love-from the day you bring your baby home through your child's fourth birthday. Thousands of new parents have already discovered the joys and rewards of shiatsu. Now you too can have the confidence that comes from knowing that you're doing the very best for that very special person: your baby.


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